Opis pharma


Opis Pharma Ltd. was established in 2022 as a Cypriot company.
As a pharmaceutical manufacturer Opis Pharma Ltd. has been duly authorized by Cypriot MOH to manufacture and distribute active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical finished products. The Opis Pharma plant is subject to official periodic inspections and the company is keeping the required EU GMP level. We develop, manufactures, and distribute high-quality and affordable drugs for improving and extending the life of an ever-increasing number of patients in many countries. Opis Pharma Ltd. is continuously working on expanding its network with both manufacturers and brand owners in Europe, as well as with the chains of importers and distributors of pharmaceuticals from the public and the private sector in the Middle East.


We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by reliably providing high-quality generic products along with excellent services and the strict observance of all binding laws, regulations and instructions of the states where we operate. Opis Pharma spares no effort and pays the utmost attention to every processing detail to achieve high quality in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, including nutritional supplements, minerals, vitamins, skin care and body care products.


Our vision is to be the leader in the pharmaceutical industry and to turn innovative science into value for our people to significantly improve their lives.


It’s through our passion and commitment to our people that we discover, develop, and deliver the most innovative, economically viable, and quality products to enrich their quality of life. We inspire our employees by creating a challenging and supportive work environment. Expanding our network throughout Europe and Middle East. We strive to fulfill our social and economic responsibilities.


We committed to deliver our products on time with a high quality to improve the lives of our customers.


Responsibility characterizes our behavior towards customers, employees, investors, and service providers.